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Designed for parents who have had a baby before, Refresher Classes help you brush up on labour (you might even discover things you didn't know the first time!), as well as put your plans in place to have the birth you want. Having a second, or even a third or fourth, baby is a whole new experience! You've had a baby before, but there may be things you want to plan differently this time, or things that you have forgotten now that your firstborn is so grown up!
ParentLink's Refresher Classes help you debrief your first birth experience allowing you to create a new experience this time around. You'll get to know other parents like you while you recap the process of labour, and discover a few new tricks for handling labour and supporting your partner. You'll feel confident and in control, even if there are times when things don't go to plan! Learn how to prepare your first child to welcome your baby into your new family and how to deal with sibling rivalries.

The Refresher Class Series costs $300, covering attendance for both you and your partner or another supporter. When you sign up for classes you also get:  
  • a copy of ParentLink's Childbirth Preparation Class - Birthing in Singapore, a book written especially for parents in Singapore

  • invitations to twice-monthly Newly Born and Nearly Born Gatherings throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born

  • membership in BabyLink, ParentLink's free mother-and-baby support group

  • telephone and email support when you have questions

  • free access to the ParentLink lending library

  • refreshments during group classes

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Arizona HypnoBirthing Class Starts - Commencing in August 2014
Arizona Childbirth Classes Start - Commencing in August 2014
Arizona Dunstan Baby Language - Included in the Newborn Care and Breastfeeding Class
Infant Massage - Commencing August 2014
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