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Better Baby Bonding Through Touch, a HypnoBirthing Infant Massage Course

Continue with the prenatal bonding you learned in ParentLink's classes. Through the baby led sessions you will learn different strokes designed to facilitate bonding with and relaxing your baby. Learning your baby's engagement and disengagement cues will help to reduce over stimulation and overtired babies.

We usually see babies interacting with their mums and each other! Its a fun class that usually ends up in a breastfeeding fest.

For newborns to 6 months old. Benefits include:

  • Baby will know it is loved

  • Baby will know good touch and won't accept bad touch

  • Higher IQs

  • Promotes attachment

  • Encourages muscular coordination

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Stimulates vagus nerve resulting in release of food absorption hormones insulin and glucose

  • Alleviates anxiety and depression

  • Enhances immune system

  • Facilitates weight gain in preemies

  • Relieves colic, constipation and reflux

  • Improves sleep pattern

Benefits for Parents:

  • Provides dads a great way to bond

  • Older children can assist

  • Serves as a calming ritual

  • Enhances communication

  • As child ages, touch gives and opportunity to reconnect

  • Provides a unique level of confidence and trust between parent and child

Only $250 for 5 sessions.

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Arizona HypnoBirthing Class Starts - Commencing in August 2014
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Infant Massage - Commencing August 2014
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