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Here we feature a range of green resources.
Biodgradable nappies delivered to your door


Goat's Milk

Goat's milk home delivery +65 6792-0931

Organic Vegetables

Organic vegetables home delivery

Organic Clothing

BigGrinOrganic clothing, toys, nursing tops/pads

Organic cotton sheets and towels

Sippy Cups






Eco Products


More general information on EC and attachment parenting (breastfeeding, cosleeping etc): Useful Links


The big EC Yahoo group:

(this is by far the most comprehensive resource for EC available, but it's a very high volume group that hosts many off-topic discussion and can be very overwhelming. The links sections has links (!) to almost anything you might need to know about EC) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eliminationcommunication/?yguid=208273159

Part-time EC:


Things to consider when shopping for training pants etc:


Online shopping sites

(but remember, you actually need little or no specialised "equipment" to EC! :) )

Singapore based sites:
http://www.whoopeekiddies.com/ (for prefolds and other cloth diapers)
www.mummysmilk.com (contact Lulu for more EC info, EC gear)

Overseas sites:
http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?products_id=895 (fitted diapers)


Lynnette and I would also be happy to help with any enquiries:
Lynnette: lcisamum@yahoo.com
Vivienne: vien@pacific.net.sg

Diet, exercise and a positive mental approach are corner stones of a healthy pregnancy, baby and easier, calmer birth experience. Recipes:

We offer you a collection of Healthy Recipes provided by Singapore HypnoBirthing® Mums (Collected and distributed by: ParentLink)

The Freshest Ingredient Sources The Best Chicken

Farmed in Malaysia using Japanese techniques, Sakura is antibiotic and growth hormone-free chicken. It's also juicy, tender, silky and very tasty.
Where: NTUC Fairprice. $10 for the whole chicken.

Nuts and Spices

Teck Sang is the place to go to buy nuts and seeds for a good selection at a good price. All spices are kept refrigerated, a bonus in this weather.
Where: Teck Sang No. 11 Hong Kong Street p.6533 1133

From the Farm

There are organic farms here in Singapore such as Greencircle, a biodynamic organic vegetable farm that delivers freshly harvested fruit and veg directly to your home. They have great basil and the best papaya. There is also incredibly tasty fruit and veg grown by Cynthia Hoefer organically in Nepal and flown to Singapore every 2 weeks.
Where: greencircle.com.sg or email Cynthia Hoefer.

Surf Delivered

For fabulously fresh New Zealand King Salmon that is loaded in omega-3, and incredibly sweet giant Hokkaido scallops, check out greengrocer.com.sg.
Where: greengrocer.com.sg p.9325 3236

Turf Delivered

Vic's Meats is fast getting a name as the place to go for high quality meats. With their succulent steaks and super home delivery service, it's easy to understand why!
Where: www.vicsmeat.com.sg p.6753 6900

24 Hour Wholesale

The Pasir Panjang wholesale market is the place to find the freshest products in Singapore as this is their point of entry before being redistributed. We love Zenxin organic at block 14, and the central area block 10 where you can get the freshest mint, eggplant, okra etc...for a fraction of the price!
Where: Block 1-26, Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre. Open Mon-Sat 24hrs

Chef Valentine Laperle is one of the founders of An Apple a Day, a company that helps people integrate healthy eating options into their lifestyle. An Apple a Day offers personal chef services as well as Healthy eating workshops where participants learn more about healthy, quality ingredients, where to find them and new cooking techniques to transform them into delicious recipes! www.anappleaday.com.sg

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