Inspired by Dr Robert Bradley and Marjie Hathaway's fourth drug-free natural birth over 50 years ago in Denver Colorado, the Bradley Method™ Classes are world famous for the highest rate of drug free natural births since 1965. The secret to this is the involvement of the father as the labour coach! This course is designed to teach, not just the new expecting mothers, but also the expecting fathers on how to respond to their partners during labour and birth. Our Bradley™ Dads are the best fathers in the world because they are very hands-on from the very beginning- before the baby is even born!

In the Bradley Method™ classes, couples learn all there is to know about pregnancy, labour and birth. Men learn how to be labour coaches, almost like a doula (professional labour support) to their partners. This is a course for couples who are willing to put in that extra effort and go that extra mile for their baby as this course demands the most time investment from the expectant parents.

Every full length group course spans over 12 weeks. Typically, it would be taught in 12 classes over 12 weeks. In Singapore, we found that if we taught 2 classes in a session and have them fortnightly over 6 sessions, we achieve a higher rate of attendance, and thus a very high rate of success. Over 90% of our couples go on to have natural drug free births after attending the full 12-week 6-session course with us.

Each fortnightly session is 3 HOURS.

Session One: Exercise and Nutrition
Session Two: Pregnancy and Coach's Role
Session Three: Introduction to First and Second Stage Labour
Session Four: Planning Your Birth and Unexpected Situations
Session Five: Advanced First and Second Stage Techniques
Session Six: Breastfeeding and Newborn Care

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Class Dates

6 Nov, 13 Nov, 20 Nov, 27 Nov, 4 Dec, 11 DecSat 9am-12pm
8 Jan, 15 Jan, 22 Jan, 5 Feb, 12 Feb, 19 FebSat 9am-12pm
5 Mar, 12 Mar, 19 Mar, 26 Mar, 2 Apr, 9 AprSat 9am-12pm

Class Cost

Husband-Coached Childbirth CourseThe ultimate in Natural Childbirth Preparation! This class spans over 12-14 weeks of proper nutrition, exercise and relaxation practice. The 12 classes in Bradley Method are typically covered over 6 fortnightly sessions where 2 classes of content is covered in each 3 hour session. There will be exercises, videos and relaxation exercises in every single session of class. We cover in-depth knowledge about physiology of birth, real-life birthing scenarios, labour rehearsals, massage techniques as well as new parenting techniques for after the birth. Price is inclusive of the Bradley Method Student Workbook and all class handouts. Please email us for the full class schedule.Please enquire about rates at

A Note from the Instructor Angelyn Seet-Loh:

"We are very proud to be the first to teach the Bradley Method® Classes in Singapore!

When I (Angelyn) was pregnant for the first time while Josh was posted overseas for work in April 2009, we attended Bradley Method® Classes in Boise, Idaho, USA. After giving birth to our son Jeremiah completely naturally in Mountain Home Air Force Base hospital in America, we unexpectedly enjoyed (yes, you read it correctly- ENJOYED!) the whole experience so much that we decided to take up the Bradley Method® training workshop in Anahiem California in November 2010 with the full intention of bringing this wonderful method back to our home country- Singapore.

Since then, we have taught Bradley Method® classes while residing in the USA (2010-2011) and are currently teaching in Singapore since 2012! Our second daughter Jodie Kai-li was born in Singapore in 2013 at Mount Alvernia Hospital with Dr Paul Tseng. We look forward to teaching more couples in the art of true natural childbirth at ParentLink!"

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