This course is really three classes perfectly blended together and offered in one comfortable place! Dunstan Baby Language: Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Course is exclusively offered through ParentLink - you simply can’t find it anywhere else in the world! It is offered as part of our Signature Childbirth Education Course.

We have all heard a baby cry, but have we ever truly listened? In the past, hearing your baby cry would leave you powerless, frustrated, and without solutions. Through the use of Dunstan Baby Language, you will learn exactly how to interpret the sounds your baby makes, before he or she is in a full blown wail, to understand just what he or she needs! That changes everything.

Independent research conducted in 2006 found remarkable results:

  • Babies speak a universal language, crossing all cultures and languages.
  • 90% of all parents found the Dunstan Baby Language very beneficial, whereas 100% of first time parents reported it highly valuable
  • 70% of parents reported their baby settled faster
  • 50% reported an increase in unbroken sleep for both their baby and themselves
  • 70% reported feeling more confident as a mother, experiencing greater self-esteem and reduction in stress, feeling more relaxed and in control
  • 50% of mothers felt a greater bond with their baby and experienced better feeding
  • Fathers reported reduced levels of stress, enjoyed greater parental involvement and more positive marital relationships.

In two 3-hour classes, you will learn precisely what message your baby is conveying. But we’ll take you another step further and practice responding to each word with hands-on practice using evidence-based approaches to newborn care. All participants get to keep a workbook for reference and practice, as our gift to you!

Class 1

The Hungry Cry

Everything you need to know to get a successful start to breastfeeding for as long as you wish

The Burp Cry

Creative and effective burping positions, and why knowing the burp cry is the key to preventing sore nipples and colic

The Tired Cry

Soothing baby, safe sleep habits, realistic expectations of sleep through the first year

Class 2

The Gassy Cry

How to relieve gas pain, intro to infant massage

The Discomfort Cry

Dressing baby, changing diapers & cloth/disposable differences, bathing baby

Babyproofing Your Relationship

Resources for credible information, making decisions together

Dunstan Baby Language FAQs

Babies use sound and gestures to communicate their basic needs. These sounds are not random. They are produced by newborn reflexes in response to a physical need. If these needs are not met or are ignored, cries may become louder and babies become more upset! The sooner you identify those needs and respond appropriately, the less your baby will cry. These sounds or 'words' form the basis of the Dunstan Baby Language. They have meaning and your role is very simple – just listen to your baby and apply an appropriate settling technique.

Not at all, this is not like trying to learn a new language. Once you have tuned your ear and are familiar with the sounds your baby makes, you will begin to understand your infant's cries. The Dunstan Baby Language is about listening and responding to your baby's sounds. It is the most effective way for a baby to communicate its basic needs to you.

When your infant is happy and content you will find they will sleep better. Settling a tired baby is much easier than a baby who is wide awake. By following the sounds and acting on what is needed, your baby will feel more relaxed and so will you.

The settling techniques we practice in class and the ones on the DVD are some of the more popular ones used. They are included to give you some suggestions of what to do once you have recognized your baby's need. Always do what is best for your baby. If you are having difficulties or need more help with settling techniques please contact us for additional help.

Research has shown that the system is most successful for babies between birth and three months. After this time, different reflexes are in place and different methods of communication begin to develop.

Yes! Learning Dunstan Baby Language at any time is helpful! Contact us for information about modifying classes in your home with your baby.