You have the perfect birth experience all planned out. You know exactly what is happening in your body and with your baby at each stage of labor. You have an arsenal of techniques to help you manage your approach: physically, mentally, emotionally. You have a clear role for each person in your birth room. You know the questions to ask to help you stay in control and make decisions with the utmost confidence that they are right for you, no matter what.

You are fully ready to achieve your goals and rock your birth. Or maybe not… yet.

ParentLink’s Childbirth Education Course is not your typical birth class.

Each class in the series is taught by our Director, Wendy, to ensure that both parents have a thorough understanding of the process and how it relates to each of them individually and as a team. This class is for moms AND dads, as equal roles. Together, you will decide what you want your birth to look like and you will learn strategies to implement in pregnancy and labor to prepare for that plan as well as any variations of it. You will get a workbook to keep to organize all of the information in one helpful place.

Our classes aren’t only beneficial for those seeking a natural birth. Unlike anywhere else, when you take our course, you get information: evidence-based, reliable, factual information and resources with no agenda. What you do with it is up to you! Whether you envision an unmedicated birth or you know an epidural is the best birth choice for you, our class is a perfect fit for your family.

Choosing a Care Provider

The differences between an OB/GYN and a midwife, as well as finding the right fit for you and your birth

Decision Making Process

What you need to know to make informed, educated decisions you can stick by

Working Together

Mom’s role, Dad’s role, and how to work well with your care providers and support team

Nutrition and Exercise

Staying healthy, no matter your starting point

Mental Mindset of Labor

How to “get your head in the game” and keep it there; positive approaches to your birth

Physiology of Labor and Birth

Signs and stages of labor, what happens to your body and baby in each

Labor Progression

Strategies to keep labor moving effectively

Comfort Measures

Medical options, natural options, and how to choose what’s right for you


For laboring and for pushing, and the differences of each

Common Interventions

What they are, why they’re sometimes necessary, and how to remain assured when making a choice about them

And more!